Decorate Your Home The Perfect Way

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Are you looking for new ideas to decorate your new place? Or are you planning to give your home a new look? Read the following tips to know what exactly to follow when decorating your home.

Color scheme

The most common choice is to choose a lighter color for your walls. While this does help to add the illusion of space in your home, if you’re a fan of dark colors you can always pick a darker shade for your walls and neutralize it by having your curtains, carpet or furniture in a lighter shade. Adding a wallpaper will help you to reduce the emptiness in large rooms. While matching shades of the same color is good, try to add a bit of contrast with colors like black and white, silver and gold or few contrasting shades together such as red, blue, green or yellow to give it a more vibrant look.


This of course depends on the space available in your rooms. Never go for large sofas or large TV stands if your space is small. It will only look cramped. At the same time, if there is a large space you need to cover don’t select small chairs or tables that will give a vacant look. When selecting your furniture keep your color scheme in mind. While contrasting colors is the new trend there are also shades that never mix well.

Curtains and carpets

Like your furniture, this too depends on the color scheme/ wallpaper you have chosen for the walls of your house. Remember when you buy carpets Singapore or curtains to make sure their design complements the other colors and the designs in the room. If your walls are of single color you can go for printed carpet and/ or curtain designs. Pay attention to the material to make sure they are of top quality.

Other décor

Your house is not complete just with the above items. To finalize the decoration process, you can include some decorative accessories such as vases and other ornaments, artificial flowers or plants, candle holders, or small ornaments. Try to include some of the photographs of your loved ones as well in order to give it a homelier look.

You can always look for the assistance of an interior decorator if you want a more professional opinion on how to decorate/ redecorate your place. However, knowing what to include and what not to will always give you more freedom in making choices about the décor and ca save some money as well.